The quality of printing was pretty lousy back in the day.  In fact it was still pretty bad 50 years later when I started to get into comics.  I remember really enjoying the John Romita Jr/Ann Nocenti run on Daredevil but being a little shocked at the terrible print quality.  It must have really driven the artists crazy back then.  The four color process is usually the culprit.  Occasionally I’ll see the original black and white inked artwork from one of the old books I used to read and It always looks so much more impressive.  I think Scott McCloud commented on how the coloring always detracted from the comics in the old days.

Classic Enchanted Dagger starts to get good.  Roger is hanging out on his roof thinking about politics with a jaunty lean.  He runs to the nearest laundromat just in time and flings a few zingers.  Set up in the classic nine panel style which had its roots in the comic strip dailies, reprinted in collected book form, the original comic book circa 1933.