Page two of our Classic Enchanted Dagger from 1941.  George Tuska, the creator of EDag, would have been in his early 20s.  Someone wrote that his artwork has a Lou Fine quality to it, referring to one of the Golden Age cartoonist contemporaries who had a very dynamic anatomical style…one of the early greats.

I though it was kind of  awesome that The Enchanted Dagger’s adversary was a crook hassling a lobbyist group for the Cleaner and Dyers Association.  Wacky!  Back in 1940 it probably would have been some sort of pension scammers, but I thought Lobbyists.  That’s a case for the Enchanted Dagger!  Some white collar shit.  Roger Chalmers fights for the Union Banner!

Today’s page is still pretty drab but you can see below how bad the printing press CMYK printing was.  Very uneven.  I like the old color much more now than when I began tinkering with this one…later pages in this story brighten up a bit.