Today is the first day of Original 1941 Enchanted Dagger Episode #4 from Yankee Comics #4.

This episode is not the very first EDag comic strip.  It’s actually the last of his golden age stories.  I’m putting it out first because it was the first Enchanted Dagger story that I happened upon.  All I knew about the character was that he was from Washington DC and had a magic knife that made people tell the truth.  I found this story on a great Golden Age Comics blog called Four Color Shadows.  My take on the character proceeded from there.

I tried not to go too crazy with touching up art work.  Mostly I sharpened up the inks and touched up the CMYK overlays which were pretty uneven.  I wanted it to retail a little of the newsprint grey.  I don’t like it when they do digital collections of the old comics and they’re all garish and bright and primary colors.  looks weird.  Now that I’m looking at my hue tweaks might have gone a little too drab.  I kinda like the turquoise color they got in the original.  I might have it give it another shot.  Here is how the original looked courtesy of the Digital Comic Museum.


Also, Issue 5 is coming along.  I was able to get the pages I was working on a little farther along.  I’ll be able to start doing the color flats in a few days.  Don’t know how long I’ll need to finish a page.  2-3 pages a day?