Issue 4 is complete!  This one took a long time to get through, as I’ve complained about twenty times already, so I won’t go into it.  Luckily Issue 5 seems to be going a little bit easier.  More importantly it means we now have a volumes worth of material, a nice square bound trade paperback collection of the first four issues!  Wouldn’t that be something?  Most of my administrative capacities are spent coddling the fragile psyche of our creative team.  We really need to compartmentalize a social media intern and build towards a kickstarter campaign.

Starting next week we’ll be featuring the first of our freshly touched up Original Enchanted Dagger Comics from 1941’s Yankee Comics!  It’s a seven page story, so it’ll keep us going for a little bit.  It would be nice if i could finish Issue 5 in that time!  It’s actually not outside the realm of possibility.  I’ve got the first 10 pages drawn and the next five should be in good shape by the end of this week.  that would give me 7 weeks to color them (and make a cover).  It would leave me with two pages to finish up, no big deal.  Issue #5’s new material clocks in at 17 pages, an unusual number due to the odd, 7 pages of the original 1941 strips which are going to serve as a back up in issues 5&6.

Another option is to follow the Yankees Comic with another of my Golden Age efforts, which I call Tales of the Irreal #1.  Its an 18 page story, so we’d have it for the summer.  The upside of this approach is that it would allow me to get a jump on Issue #6.  That way Issue #6 could immediately follow Issue#5, which would give us a good stretch of EDag story, almost a years worth, at least.

So that’s where we’re at!  back to the drawing board!