The Enchanted Dagger tells the story of Roger Chalmers, a sinister political neophyte who challenges the corrupt political factions of Great City with the aid of a mystical blade that makes people tell the truth.

When I started writing the story in Oct 2014, I wanted to comment on our contemporary political climate and further the notion that if the quality of our political discourse didn’t improve we would invite the rise a crypto-fascist authoritarian leader who could lead the nation down a dark and perilous path.  Unfortunately, I hit the nail on the head!  My hope is that the comic will offer some insight into these weird times.

Roger and most of the characters in the story find their origins in comic’s Golden Age, the seminal period of the American Comic Book that produced characters like Batman, Captain America & Wonder Woman.  The story takes place in a vague future-past reminiscent of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

The Enchanted Dagger was created in 1941 by a comic book artist named George Tuska.  The original Enchanted Dagger stories appeared in Yankee Comics #1-4 and then disappeared into Golden Age oblivion.