I’ll briefly note that I liked how my interior cover page turned out and it’s almost a shame it didn’t get it’s full week but anyway.

We break from the 1st page norm.  With Roger missing (I still have to go in and  add words to the newspaper..,)  we don’t have his usual wordy intro.  Like the issue 5 opening scene, which alluded to the Stillface segment from Issue 1, the color scheme on the top panel likewise references the newsboys appearance from the same issue.  We also greet the day of the omnibus with our two political familiars, Hundalf of the Wigwam ne Great Party Machine and Fitzmilligham of the Aztec Guild.  I hope they are vaguely recognizable as they’ve only appeared on a couple occasions.  Both were in Issue 4’s Gala line up 2 page spread.   Fitzmillighams odd name is another typographical  error that I decided to keep.  Just like Chammroot was actually supposed to be Charmroot, I thought FitzmilligGRAM would be a good pseudo- Irish, “Dr. Calculus”  type comic book character name.  I kept it as -gham for some dumb reason.

Art work is going fine, though I do wish I had a little more lead time to tinker.  Lets see how this page looks on the tablet!