Some good progress on Issue 6.  The first 3 pages are more or less finished and without too much trouble.  As I was working on my Magic Bullet submission, which is an experimental color piece with almost no black, I was reminded of the dangers of using black in your CMYK coloring.  A little while back on a previous submission I used to much and the black ink, combined with the news print paper overwhelmed the color.  I think its particularly bad with news print as CMYK color codes like Dark Olive Green definitely use black.  I haven’t noticed any glaring issues with the early EDag prints, but I decided to try and cut the black out of the coloring process as much as possible.  Its not that hard to get a good approximation of any given color by just using CMY…but it has looked washed out in a few places.  It’s one of those classic tropes…like not using black to darken colors in an oil painting.   As such, I’m obliged to do a little more tinkering to get things right.