Issue 6!  I’m a little bit impressed with myself for getting The Enchanted Dagger this far.  No one is a bigger skeptic of the relative merits of this book than I am.  But every once in a while my jury built Illustrator 10 art workings produce some nice comic art.  I’m pretty happy with how this cover turned out!  It’s the analog to the back cover of Issue 5, last weeks page.  Both were inspired by Marlon Brando’s Mark Antony speech to the Romans from the 1950’s Julius Ceasar.  The cover is not with out its flaws… I don’t think the “Day of the Omnibus”  lettering looks right but I’m going to see how it looks on the tablet once i post it.  My old computers don’t give me the truest view.

I’m taking a couple days to prepare an submission for The Magic Bullet, Washington DC’s comic newspaper (a piece about the viral apocalypse, of course).  But I’ll begin coloring this week.  I tend to work on a page until it’s done, time be damned, as opposed to a more professional minded “allot a certain amount of time for each task and adjust the art style accordingly.  I’ve been in a good groove lately so hopefully things will go smoothly.

Since I always complain about my interior cover pages, I think I’ll keep this one up until page 1 is ready to go, okay?