Still adjusting to the new “no K (black) in the coloring” paradigm.  Its throwing me off a little bit.  I’ve also been fiddling with the hues and saturations to make the colors pop more.  I thought page 1 held together well enough.  Comic artists like to use a lot of lighting after effects, sunbeams, glowy light filtered through leaves.  I don’t use too much of that… not because I don’t like it, I just haven’t figured it out yet.  Same with special effects BAM POW, etc.  I need to set aside a couple days and work it out.  My oddly configured brain is well aware of this, but  the resolution is being held up in committee.

Speaking of resolutions, We meet Yankee Boy, Phil Martin again, here echoing Rogers declaration to the Wigwam from way back on page 4 of issue 1.   Yankee Boy appeared in a couple of Chesler brand Golden Age comic books, beginning with Yankee Comics itself, home of The Enchanted Dagger.  In later episodes, Phil’s name would change to “Victor”.  Probably a more suitable name for Yankee Boy.  I have him as Phil here but I’ll have to flip a coin or something.