Hoo boy.  This page is a bit of a mess.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it translates to the tablet.  I got this one to a certain point and then had to figure out the somewhat confusing cloud placement.  As there isn’t a clearly defined horizon, I was a bit boggled.  I’ve done some nice “clouds” with my Illustrator technique before, but was a little bit pressed for time this week.  I’ve had a few seasonal hours from my job-e-job this week which greatly diminishes my work flow.  So I had to cram.  Speaking of cramming, the top panel which features Stillface is there as a result of the annotated page count which I’ve discussed.   Ideally I’d have had a small full view of the Chalmers’ blimp in total there.   So… I don’t know if  this page came together, per se, but I did try a few experiments with the coloring, for better or worse… so at least it has some creativity.  I think I’ll replace the orobouros snake on the inside cover with the blimp.

Addendum ~ oh yeah, this one’s a stinker.  Not even the tablet can help this one.  They can’t all be gems!   Maybe I’ll take another crack at it.  Overall,  there aren’t too, too many “redos” needed to be redid for this comic.  A panel here and there, for sure.   I also need to up my sound effects game.  The BAM/POW/electric BZZZZZZTT is a comic book fundamental.  I really should have figured out the methodology of how to create the effects by now.  Maybe EDag isn’t action packed enough for it to be a priority….

Second Addendum ~ I adjusted the color on the bands of the blimp to add some contrast.  I’ll see if I need to go even darker.  Also upped the line weight on the blimp frame…hopefully that will make it pop a bit more.  I don’t think my cloud cover behind the bottom panel is working all that well so I might give it a more uniform effect….