The art work for the first 5 pages of Issue 4 was begun in early 2017.  So we’re getting closer to current.  At that time I was still living off of some money I had saved up so I could work intensively on the comic for a while.  During that time I had done all the art work for Issue 3 and was able to get started on 4, at which point I had to go back and get a day job and production dropped off exponentially.  In fact I still have 4 pages to make!  The quality of the art doesn’t drop off too badly, but it was my feeling that things were pretty solid at this point in the creative process.  Then I hit the wall, pages 6 and 7.  I still haven’t finished them…will The Enchanted Dagger prevail?

Some nice architectural stuff on this page… Metropolis peeks through, my favorite A.G. Rizzoli and some more Modern Flemish.  Challenging and time consuming!