Okay…I realize that this is the inside cover and that I’m not supposed to put the inside cover up as a weekly post, according to me.  I’m going to give myself a pass on this one because i just made the page the other day, and while page 1 is ready to go, having a week delay for putting on my finishing touches gives me a little bit more of a cushion.  Who doesn’t like cushions?  This will really factor in in a few months when my pages are still a little “underdeveloped”.  So I might need the extra time to clean up some messes.  Not to mention that I still haven’t gotten started on issue #5!

As you may have noticed, I broke with cover theme of my orobouros snake for a more lively ukiyo-e snake, but, hey look, there he is right up there.  Like the cover (which really needs to have a sub-title about “The Three Army Surgeons” who are due to show up in this issue) this page still has some adjusting to do.