Phil”Sadly Sadly” Saunders returns to the page of the EDag.  When I was first typing up the text for his first appearance on the last page of issue #1 I misspelled sadly as Sadley.  I decided that I kinda liked it…it adds a little bit of pathos to poor Phil’s existential condition.  Sadly Sadly was a Golden Age Plastic Man villain, if you’ll recall.  Most of the characters I’ve appropriated were golden age duds…not especially memorable…that’s part of the soul crushing challenge I’ve given myself!  To make some good comics out of second hand characters.  Sadly Sadly is one of the exceptions, though.  I’ve also noticed that Jackie Ormes, the creator “Torchy Brown”, the character who inspired our Torchy from issue #3 has been getting her due with some newly Published retrospective on her work.  Something to keep an eye out for!