And now a few more words about Donald Trump.  Okay, okay, I know.  Believe me, if someone had told be that I’d be making a Trump comic I’d have spit taked my coffee.  But bear with me.  A part of my early appreciation for the Trump phenomenon was that he was a house hold name that could, potentially, transcend political parties (he was mostly a centrist all those years) and, even more importantly, he was a builder.  I envisioned him, as a possible president, being a builder, championing a revitalization of our infrastructure and being the leading force in literally building the futuristic global democratic society.  I think that is Trumps instinct, too, the building part at least.  On election night what did he talk about doing first?  Infrastructure.  Unfortunately, that sort of building runs smack into the big elephant in the room and that’s Energy from Fossil Fuels.  To upgrade our power grid, our cities, our roads all demand an upgrade in the way we acquire energy and use energy.   Everybody knows this.  Any vision of a successful, peaceful future rests on a foundation of clean, cheap renewable energy, be it from wind and solar, advanced and safer nuclear or, someday maybe fusion.  That runs right up into the moneyed interests of a landed aristocracy that profits in the billions from, gasoline, coal, chemicals and its associated global systems of production which prefers to subvert and discourage liberal capitalism through controlling the mechanisms of government to prevent a new sustainable energy economy from establishing itself.  Most of our nation’s international struggles (our money to the Middle East oil funds Al Qaeda & Isis…Russia’s leverage over Europe is gas and oil…) stems from this interference from these anti-capitalistic cadres.  Our poor confused President is spinning like a top and incapable of sound decision making so it falls on the next guy or gal to rectify our nation’s and our planet’s crisis of constitution.  In as much as it is the responsibility of the government to create the conditions for business to thrive, our democratic system must conclude that buoying a renewable energy based economy is our path forward.  We must continue to change and grow if we are to be a happy people.  There’s no need to complain about climate change and global warming.  Those arguments don’t create anything.  They don’t change anything.  It’s the talk of losers.  Talk instead about a technological America 2.0.  The moon shot of the next great American leaders is a 10 year 0% corporate income tax rate for the Energy Industry programs devoted to Renewable Energy, be it Wind, Solar, or vibration(we’ll have to revisit that one later).  This will come at the expense of the Coal Barons and Oil Magnates because they will be beat at the utility box….unless they’re wise enough to invest.

Alright, Alright.  Don’t worry Kalthar fans!  I’m betting we haven’t seen the last of him!  I promise that if he does show up again I’ll have fancied him a “high & tight.”