And with with that, the menace of Trump is brought low.  I mean Kalthar.  As mentioned, when Trump got in the race it rang a familiar bell and in an abstract way I was excited about it.  His ‘naturalistic’ approach was ‘winning’ when compared to the parsed political measurements of his professional politician adversaries.   Embodied by the inconsistent Hillary who alternately presents as either infuriatingly dull and wishy-washy  or competently overqualified, the tendency to talk out of both sides of their mouths is the real “political correctness” that the half-witted hillbilly voter block on the right find so offensive.  The bigotry and racism are baked into the cake.  I got a kick out of Trump beating up on the Republican establishment, a gaggle of shills shamelessly exploiting the red state religious nincompoops on behalf of a greedy capitalist aristocracy.  I was even willing to discount his questionable statements about Mexicans and Muslims!  No, Mexicans aren’t rapists.  But the same news organizations that were up in arms about his infamous 2015 kickoff statement had, almost exactly one year earlier, reported with great compassion about a refugee crisis on our southern border.  By their own accounting, a despicable percentage of the girls and women attempting to flee their violent homelands were sexually abused by the evil mules who ferried them across the border.  His suggestion of the Muslim ban also struck me as offensively feasible as a disincentive (lets give a thought to the human rights of tens of millions of Muslim women here, please), if only in relation to years of meek Obama dithering.  Eventually it became too much to ignore though.  Those statements about the Judge being a Mexican crossed a line and I begrudgingly voted for Hillary, who I am not sad not to have as president.  Hillary was a terrible candidate with awful judgement.  If she had picked Bernie to be her VP, an absolute political no brainer, she’d be president right now.  Instead, in her first of what would have been many bad decisions, she picks whats his face.   I’m betting Hillary was the only person Trump could beat so things could turn around  for the Democrats in the next election, but only if they pick a candidate who can bring back those white blue collar Obama voters they lost.  You might not like that assessment, but consider this.  If the next Democratic Candidate is perceived to be the candidate of Black Lives Matter and “finding a ‘safe place’ to surgically alter my genitalia,” you might end up w/ four more years of Trump.