Ah….I like this page…the color green does exist in Great City.  Look!  Females!  A whole page with nuthin’ but ’em!  If you’re the sort of comic book reader who requires an exacting balance of race, gender and male/female ratios in their funny book dramatis personae then you’re probably in disappointed that there haven’t been more ladies in this issue so far so here you go.  Don’t worry…sometimes, I would argue, you just got to get the plot points out there, equanimity be damned, especially in the early going when a story is still introducing itself.  The woman of Great City have a much stronger showing in Issue 3… and Issue 4 is a veritable showcase for these two birds above!  Spoiler Alert!  Amelia Morrigan is my variation on Antia Morgan who fights crime in the guise of the Purple Tigress!  The Tigress was invented by Betty Brown for Fox’s “All Good Comics” #1 in 1944.  A first generation lady Comix artisan!  I’m working on some great Purple Tigress action scenes right now and I know you won’t be disappointed.  Relax Baby!

Okay, I’m gonna quit while I’m behind.