Last page of Kalthar story #3.  I realized that I had worked up this last batch of pages at a lower resolution than usual.  I don’t know how it will effect the printing… I’m not inclined to redo it!

I also didn’t realize I had deviated so dramatically from the prominent red coloring of today’s page, very orange here….could go back and adjust that, probably won’t.

Work on MTPHM o.5 draft is mostly done – word balloons and panel borders are all done…  I’m leaving a lighter touch in a few areas and there are a couple drawings I may attempt to re draw but mostly it’s good enough.  I wouldn’t call it the quintessential Purple Hairy Man comic, per se, but it is the first one I’ve officially done.  Most of my ideas for the PHM are focused on an epic story line that I have more or less envisioned.  But I wanted to prime the pump with a few short stories to introduce things.  I’m actually finding it to be a challenge to write these contained adventures.  I usually start small but before I know it each story grows into its own complicated tale, longer and longer, which takes longer and longer to produce.  But at least work is being done.

And work continues on Kalthar, haha don’t worry.  Its election week and the draft is in good shape so I’m going full Kathar for a few days!  Yes, it’s a waste of time, but its easy and tricks me into thinking progress is being made.  Better than having no posts for a year, maybe.  At this rate we’ll still have Kalthar posting for a while since I’m going to need the time to actually complete something.  I’m supposed to continue with EDag, yes?