A new Kalthar story begins.  This time Kalthar appears to be up against a lost tribe of ancient Greeks or some such people which is kinda cool I think.

It’s Kalthar Week again!  My efforts to bear down on the Kalthar Redux production hasn’t exactly taken off via the last two Kalthar weeks, tho I am still chipping away.  The good news is that it’s due in part to my focusing on tightening up my first draft of MTPHM 0.5 which is now complete and printed up (kinkos) and in my hands!  I took my time with this one since it’ll be the first impression people will get.  It still needs a good deal of revision but I’m happy with it so far.

While I’m tempted to keep going with it, I’m concerned that having so much material remaining with EDag that if I don’t keep going it will never get done.  So, I’m going to stick with the plan and muscle through with Issue 7 this winter.  So, next week, (busy thanksgiving) will also be Kalthar week, hopefully more productive than this kalthar week, and then I’ll get back to EDAg #7.

I have to admit… I’m feeling a bit of burnout.  Now juggling 3 projects is a hassle.  Production continues but I can’t seem to work at more than a trot.  I’ve been watching a lot of TLC, which can’t be a good sign.  I feel totally detached from any semblance of any comic book community, such as it is.  I’m more comfortable with getting back into the commercial side of the comics business with MTPHM at the point, so I’m still looking at spring of fricking 2023 at the earliest before I really start get out there to conventions and crowdfunds with a product I have full confidence in (more or less).  I also live in an area that is very unfriendly to artists.  Great place for lawyers, but anyone around here who isn’t a type-A bureaucrat skulks around in underachieving shame.

Not like the old beantown days!