We are one third of the way through classic Kalthar!  I think this page and the next one shows a solidifying of RSP’s approach but I’ll elaborate more next week.

Meanwhile work on the pencils for MTPHM is wrapping up!  I think I’ll be able to get the basic work done in the next week or so and go back to fix up a few places, too.  My plan to spend election week on Kalthar should work out.  After that, I’m a bit torn.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to tackle EDag #7, the pencils anyway.  I’ve had some time to warm up my drawing mind in the last month so I’m inclined to keep drawing while I’m in that mode.  As a one man show, I don’t have the luxury of having someone develop the inks and the colors and the lettering while I focus on writing and drawing.  I’m not sure its any faster to work an entire page to completion than it is to do entire blocks of drawing, inking, color, etc.  I’m sure there are times when a year could pass between my having to actually “draw”  something fresh, as opposed to rendering the finished artwork.  Different parts of the brain engaged and subject to rust.

But at least they’re on the same lobe.  Getting back into the business side of comic book making has been a challenge because of Covid, of course, which fits right into my tendency not to do anything about it.  Now that I have PHM close to production, I think I’ll try to get back out there.  I’ve heard that near by Pennsylvania has a great convention scene.  With the Comic Kayfabe guys out of Pittsburgh, I think its a circuit that would be very accessible to a DIY shlub like me.  I hope all those cons come back!