The latest refurbished Kathar page as our hiatus from The Enchanted dagger continues.  I’m already dreading going back and sprucing up the lettering for my eventual print of Kalthar Redux.  it is going to be an enourmous pain.  I know, I’ll save it for the next spring labor season.  RSP’s artwork seems to be tightening up a bit which is a good thing from a refurbishing point of view.  not as much fun to refurbish crap!  But yes, getting better.  Last night I went back and looked at the Kalthar pages I have posted so far and I really do think the reduxing helps.  It will be a nice product to put next to Golden Age EDag Redux on the convention table.  Having a body of work collecting now, setting up at conventions is starting to make more sense.  Six issues of EDAg, plus to entries in to Golden Age Redux.  I think once I have some PHM stuff on hand I’ll be in pretty good shape.  Ugg.  Got to get issue 4 & 5 printed.

Work on MTPHM is coming along.  I’m just shy of where I wanted to be by the end of the September (adjusted for inflation).   I’ll be working on the final third of the first 16 pager which should be fun as that’s where most of the action happens.  I’m hoping that this story will serve as a good transition from my extra wordy EDAg style.  Personally I don’t mind a good wordy comic, if its well done, but it certainly isn’t the current comic book norm, I’d say.  I just scrolled through the first chapter of a webtoon comic that I notice had its own netflix show.  I burned through the first, brain gleaning episode of the webtoon in about 2 minutes.  I can understand why that kind of low impact, juicy fruit brand of comics is so popular but I think it would drive me nuts to create something as ephemeral as a tic tac.   (I also hate reading comics with sing song writing.  I was reading a comic by a very successful writer and he actually used the word “fucktard”.  I couldn’t do that….).  What i’m trying to say is that episode 1.1 of MTPHM is a little brainier than what a typical  PHM story will be.  so there you go.