So, I thought last weeks page looked okay once i got it up there on the tablet.  Hopefully this page will hold up okay too.  Nothing spectacular but they get the job done, I guess.  I’m back to the day job so I’ll scrape out the last four pages of issue 6 as I finish them.  Then it will be Golden Age comics for a while and I’ll have a chance to regroup.  I won’t be taking too much of a break, mind you.  My immediate goal is to get the last three issues of EDag written and plotted so I can finish the doggone thing with a little bit more efficiency than whats come before.  I’m dying to get on to the new project.  Just getting this far has been a real exercise in determination.  I can’t really look at the early issues without feeling depressed about my artistic shortcomings, so having some time to practice up for the last 3 issues will be useful, especially as there is a lot more action in this climactic third act.  I’m strongly considering going back to real live paper drawing, which I have done any of in years now!

I’ve been playing more and more with photoshop contrast and color adjustments.  The first 5 issue were almost all published as I actually colored it with no adjustments.  Hey, that’s a good excuse (woe)!

I like this speech that the Druid gives here.    I might tweak a word or two…but not any of the good ones!