It occurred to me that since this was another issue featuring a Classic Enchanted Dagger story from 1941 (redux) that I might tact the last 6 original pages onto the tail end of the issue and put the old time story in the middle.  The upside being that I can use the inside back cover to add a little bit of extra material, thereby getting a few more panels.  I like the way these pages play out but it is a little cramped so i think that will work out well.  Having the EDag Classic in the middle will be a good break from where our story has left of from next week.

Ugg.  This page has begun to come together in the last day but its fighting me!  The top three panels need some more attention…”crumble” my go to word blurb makes an appearance…I need to cut out that “c” to make it a more fitting “rumble”.  The “boom” looks kinda pathetic, but it’ll do for the moment.  I think this page will look better in its 2 page spread… it’ll need some tinkering….

I decided to pick up some job-e-job work for the next month.  I had intended to skip it this season due to covid, but….