Oh no!  We are experiencing technical difficulties!  I woke up the day after christmas to find that my wonderful Wacom Intuos 3 Pen Tablet had gone kaput.  Further investigation would suggest that it was the pen itself that had broken.  The never used mouse which came with the tablet still seemed to work.  I immediately hit amazon and ebay to see how much it was going to set me back and was horrified by how much people were selling them for.  Luckily, it’s not too much money to but a new tablet/pen combo.  I was able to find one for about 60 bucks, and the tablet is a size upgrade from what I’ve been working with.  So hopefully it will be here by the end of the week and will be in good working order.  I had my old tablet for about 8 years and it was well used when I bought it.  I was worried about losing the week of work for a minute, but then I decided to just take the week off a recharge the batteries.

In the meantime, here is another offering recently published in the Magic Bullet, a comics newspaper catering to the WashingtonDC/DMV area.  I can’t claim to have thought up the idea of “old man Charlie Brown”.  I saw the original drawing on twitter and thought it was a great laugh.  I did innovate the dead Woodstock tied by a wire around Ol’Chuck’s neck.  I thought this was a great representation of how our old, 20th century pop icons are slowly losing their unifying hold as our world clambers like lemmings to an ecological apocalypse.

It’s also a pretty good take on the state of affairs of comic book commentary where aggrieved SJW thot police lead the cancel culture inquisition against quavering corporations while alt right fanatics suck the air out of the room of indie crowdfunding.  You may recall, I monitored the Comicsgate cycloptics for a minute but they got boring pretty quick.  So much so that I generally decline to click on their click bait so as not to further fund them.   Now I listen to Joe Rogan.