This page wraps up our circus story.  It’s a little abrupt from losing that extra page so I could fit in an original 1940’s Enchanted Dagger story at the end of the issue.  There are still 2 pages of original content, at which point I’ll begin posting my refurbishing of the third of the four original EDag adventures.  Unlike our web edition here, the eventual printed issue of of #5 will actually have the first EDag story as the back-up.  As there are several versions of the first EDag story available to utilize as source material, I’m going to give it a more artistic revision utilizing aspects of each print as they were each colored differently.

Meanwhile I’m plugging away at Issue 6!  It’s going to be a big challenge to have something ready by its start date in early march.  My lead time has dwindled, so pretty soon I’ll be posting pages as soon as I get them finished, a new work condition.  For a couple months here I’ll really have to put my nose to the grind stone!  I’ve been in that position before.  I was putting in 12 hour days with issue 3 in order to get it done in a timely manner and was pretty worn out from it.  So I’ve taken a more “leisurely” approach with issue 4 & 5, not worrying about maintaining a “profession” rate of page production.  No point in working myself to exhaustion.  It’ll be good to have a couple months of intensive work, if for no other reason that it will get me into the final third of the book.