And here we have it.  The final page of Issue #5!  I can hardly believe we’ve gotten it this far….  Production on Issue #6 is coming along nicely.  I’ll be finishing up the drawing for the first chunk of pages this week …so in the next few weeks I’ll have to tackle the cover and do some intensive coloring.  I’m very happy with how the drawing has gone, especially as there are a ton of architectural elements in the issue.  Luckily they haven’t held me up too much (though I am a couple weeks behind where I’d have liked to have been…my lag time is almost done, gulp!).  Issue 6 is one of my favorites of the comic, as Roger’s political scheming comes to a head at the vote for the Appropriations Omnibus!  Who doesn’t love a heaping pile of legislative sausage making in their funny books, huh?  uh…anyone….hello??

Yes.  Issue 6 is going to be a fun one, I promise.    Now that #5 five is under my belt, I have to say I think it turned out pretty good.  If you haven’t noticed yet, i adjusted some of the blog aspects so that if you click on the “chapter” icon at the top of this entry you can see all the pages of the issue lined up.  fun way to look at it.  (Previous issues only show a partial image, as I have to go back and re-upload them…)

Last but not least, we have the last page of Classic EDag #3, and I would wager to say that it’s never looked so good.  I’m not sure where this episode will end up, as when it goes to print the first of the Original EDag adventure will occupy this space in issue #5.  And issue #6 will have the 2nd story.  So, maybe I’ll tack it onto the end of Issue 7 – a 32 page issue!  It is already done after all.  Heck, GoldenAge episode #4 has been refurbished too!  Maybe I’ll stick it onto Issue #8 – a whopping 40 pager!  I’m gettin’ all worked up.

All of the Enchanted Dagger’s Golden Age stories end with him punching out a bunch of crooks.  We haven’t seen to much of that in Our Story…but by my mentioning it, one can assume that we probably will!  Once we get past the Omnibus Vote, the action of our story picks up, I promise!