I like the way George Tuska drew Roger in that top right panel.  I think I’ll appropriate that one and use it at some point.    I love how the Golden Age Enchanted Dagger is always rounding up racketeers who are messing with some association or other.  It strikes me as funny.  It is mentioned at some point that the original Enchanted Dagger lived in Washington DC, but politics never really manifests itself in the early EDag.   I moved the location of the story to the fictional “Great City” (Moon Man’s home town) so I could draw a more dynamic skyline.   I made this decision almost immediately.  While I certainly wanted to comment on our contemporary politics, I felt that actually setting the story in DC would make things a little jumbled.   If I could do things over I might reconsider this change, but not before I made sure to write a shorter story!  At the time I needed to sink my teeth into something and test my mettle.  Slowly but surely….

Courtesy of the Digital Comics Museum.