Part two of our two page spread, which I’m very happy to be done with.  Almost.  I was in a rush to get it up here and neglected to do my text bold faces, which is going to be a real pain to fix.  There are still a bunch of little touch ups to do to get the two pages synced up… but you get the idea.  I’ve included an image of the two pages together so you can see how its supposed to look/read.  When I was plotting the pages I didn’t notice that the boy/girl ratio was off, which I’m a little bummed about now, but maintaining the balloon – character – wallpaper – Klimt equation discouraged switching things up.   The Klimt in question is the famous “Beethoven Frieze” which was painted directly on the walls at some exhibit or other in 1902.  I loved the idea that Chalmers would have carelessly cut the painting out, ship it across the ocean and nail it to his own walls.  And then put furniture in front of it.