And now pages 6 & 7.

The Enchanted Dagger almost met its Waterloo on these pages for reasons I still can’t quite figure.  First off, page 6 is the first of a 2 page spread, so we’ll see the other half next week.  It doesn’t really affect the dialogue flow too much to not read it across the two pages as intended.  For some dumb reason I thought that this was going to be the big show piece for issue #4.  A bunch of people at a boring party lined up and talking.  No Dynamics in sight!  I remember the layout of the long hallways from a childhood story book…maybe one of my sisters books….and I’ve always wanted to use the idea.  Albeit on a much more interesting assortment of weird characters doing interesting things…not just standing around!  Truth is these pages exhausted me from the start!  First all the wallpaper and tiles…then all the frickin’ peoples, who I never really developed fully….then my laborious reproducings of the big Klimts which doesn’t quite come across.  It has taken me far more time than they could ever be worthy of….

Luckily,  while its still a few notches away from where I pictured it in my head, I’m still pretty pleased with how they turned out!