Dang!  After going on about misspelling in last week’s notes I went ahead and misspelled “abberant” on the very page!  I’m going to give myself a complex (but not a big enough one to have double checked todays spelling).  Part of the problem is that  I do my script writing in Adobe Illustrator on a big page template of the issue.  I like this process because it lets me work out the arrangement of the words on the page.  It’s generally important to have a good word balloon/artwork ratio and arrangement.  To my knowledge Illustrator doesn’t have spell check, and my illustrator computer doesn’t have Microsoft Word.  Long story short I have to check my spelling the old fashioned way.  I digress.

We wrap up our 3 Army Surgeons story.  In the original Grimm tale the surgeons reattach their new parts with the pig hearted gent taking on porcine qualities.  I felt like worked better for them to leave with handfuls of bizarre excess that only the filthy rich could make sense of.

Still some work to do on today’s page.  All of those frames on the bottom panel will have paintings in them.. Maybe a nice Beirstadt.