To my great dismay, I realized after posting last weeks page that I had misspelled “miscegenate’, which was by far the best word on the whole page.  I might even go so far as saying it was the climactic word of the whole issue, if there could be such a thing.  Normally I wouldn’t worry about going back to correct a minor grammatical error I catch after the fact (it vs it’s, for example..) mostly because I keep my art computers disconnected from the internet and the extra step of saving files and moving to another machine is deterrence enough.  But since miscegenate was such a key notion I went ahead and changed it.  I really feel like I blew the punch line, but it did give me a chance to touch up the page a little.  You might have noticed another spelling change.  I occurred to me spontaneously to change the spelling of “Chamroot”  to Chaamroot”, thereby giving it a dutch inflection, kinda like Haarlem.  Pat on the back to me for being so clever.

When I was coloring today’s page I got a little experimental just for fun but I liked it just enough to let it stay.