The luxurious ambiance of our high society extravaganza is disturbed by inexplicable gore!  The way it should be.  This is The Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale about the “Three Army Surgeons”, the central theme of this issue.  As with last issues Golliwogs and Bean Nighe, I discovered the 3, here portrayed by the world renowned 20th century Mexican muralists Orozco, Siquieros and Diego Rivera (whose life and work has been arguably overshadowed by his iconic wife), during my Big, Weird Comic Book Brainstorm.  Somewhat at random I picked the three surgeons and the others and began constructing a story around them and here we are.  A great vehicle for getting Charlotte some face time.

Usually, once I see the pages up on my tablet as an actual product I feel pretty good about them and overall I think this issues pages are consistent so I won’t bellyache aside from saying I wish the gore was gorier!  Expect more blood spurts as we proceed.