Here’s Roger at his creepiest having a Me-Too moment.  Luckily, the Enchanted Dagger is in tune with the Cosmic Moral Order and forbids its use for unwanted aggression.

On good advice during my formative years, I agree that its generally a good idea to let the lady-person initiate the physical contact to indicate that she might be receptive to having her lady-parts grabbed.  But in the Brett Kavanaugh era of appropriate social behavior shits more confusing than ever!  People, being the animals that they are, are driven by instinct.  There is a reason that when we encounter a sexually attractive person we don’t think “wow! I really want to stick my big toe in her ear.”  Instinct (usually).  Ear and toe are secondary from an evolutionary perspective.  Cultures develop elaborate mating rituals to deal with this sort of thing so civilization doesn’t rape and pillage itself, but in our globalized cultural mash-up world we’re subject to a lot of mixed signals.  Our solution is to use algorithms, but having liked Stranger Things season 2, does not, for a fun date, make.

Anywho.  This page is a odd but I think it turned out okay.  We’re are now posting pages made within the past years time… so my back log is running low.  Now that the convention is over I should be able to get onto Issue 5 soon.  I have been able to work out most of the plotting for the issue which was a particular challenge this time.