Ah, the Lucy…wait whats that?  You have a query?  Why, you ask, Greg, after 6 months of posting this webcomic have you still neglected to set up a proper, functioning Facebook page?

That is a very good question, my darling, and you will be relieved to note that I have indeed finally gotten around to doing just that…and I assure you that it is very likable.  My excuse for not doing it sooner is good old fashioned procrastination.  I read recently on the internet that a person procrastinates when accomplishing the task at hand challenges some of the preconceived notions of identity that we establish for ourselves.  In my case, it has been the posture of a person who doesn’t use social media.

That’s been in part to maintain an air of mysterious superiority…you know…for political reasons.   But it’s also been something to avoid until I have a good project to promote.  So for me actually having a Facebook page means that I am now selling something as opposed to floating dreamily on the ethereal plain of creativity.  Sad.

It’ll take me a week or two to get into Facebook mode but then I should be able to communicate like a normal, 21st century human being.  Please check it out!