Ahhh…more words.  Hopefully they’re good ones to read!  I realized reading over Page 1’s introductory paragraph that I may have to switch ‘that’ & ‘which’.   Can’t quite sound out the grammatical rule for that.  I wrote the paragraph in question about 5 months before Trump’s convention speech, in which he used very similar language to assert his singular capacity to lead.  It’s all pretty standard issue strongman authoritarian stuff.  Strongmen tend to miss a lot of things, usually related to the basic technocratic functioning of their civilizations.  Famines in the Soviet Union under Stalin and Mao’s China result in death by starvation of upwards of 50 million people.  Can you imaging that sort of societal breakdown in your town?  Suddenly the power is out and there is no gas and no food is delivered to the grocery store and there is no response from the government which proclaims that the situation is under control?  Upholding the interests of the political party takes precedence over whats actually happening in the REAL world.  Accruing power and governance through manipulative slogans and propaganda is how the psychopathic political extremists of the 1930’s lead their generation into a Global conflict.  Not a comfortable thought, as Trump takes a victory lap to Puerto Rico the day after another mass shooting.  Meanwhile, Russia funnels intercontinental ballistic missile technology to a murderous man-child with dynastic delusions of world domination, sights set on Hollywood & Silicon Valley.  Is there anything to miss here?