See what I mean?  An unusually low hanging breast, as per the Bean Nighe tradition, slung over the shoulder would have been really great here.  I wish it had occurred to me when I was on the case.  Oh well…I make no claims to any greatness as a draftsman.  Since I raised the subject, I’d like to mention that the quality of the art work that people are making these days really blows me away.  Compared to the comics that the first generation comic artist were making, and even some of the top talents of my formative years, today’s work is really mind blowing.  On a personal level even, I’m pretty impressed with myself to have practiced to the point of producing some halfway decent work.  It’s like the stories you hear of monkeys on one side of the island spontaneously picking up on new skills learned by monkeys on the other side of the island.

I’m of the opinion that were living in the Platinum Age of comic book art.  Yeah…that’s what I’m trying to say….

(But does it make for great stories…?…)