Usually sucking on titties is the wish…

The magical aspects of the Bean Nighe are a little bit abbreviated for the purposes of our story.  The original mythology is much more specific in its ethnography in the way that only a story that has been handed down for generations and has picked up traces and elements of the psychological pathos of of the folk can be.

I tried to stay true to the descriptions I read, one nostril, one tooth….I missed the mark on her unusually saggy breasts, casually flung over her shoulder, which would have been a great visual.  The similarity in appearance to Meg Mucklebones from Ridley Scott’s “Legend” is a little to obvious for my sensibilities but not completely unintentional.  One of my favorite childhood movies (one of the higher quality “sword and sorcery” 80’s flicks), Meg was only on the screen for a couple of minutes and I always wished we could have gotten to know her better.

I think its pronounced ban-nee, like banshee.