We’re a few days late here but who’s counting…. Seasonal laboriousness should be slowing down in the next few weeks so I should be able to get back to the drawing board soon.

I remember this week’s page as being the source of a lot of frustration.  My old computer (which I’m still using) was having a lot of trouble saving the work I was doing and it would crash frequently, losing large chunks of work.  The culprit, I decided, was my use of Illustrator 10’s “calligraphic brush” tool.  For whatever reason, my computer just didn’t have the juice to process it.  I would suffer through for a few more pages, but by the end of TOTI#1 I’d be shifting to inking with the pen vector tool to more refined effect.  It’s a little cringeworthy for me to look a this stuff…I blame it all on the computer!

I probably should go back and fix a few things…Dr. Mortal, a great villain from Fox Features’ “Weird Comics” deserves a better rendering, especially in that sixth panel.  There is a argument to be made for just letting it go and be its marginal comic panel self, but I tend to look at all these pages as works in progress…maybe to a fault!