X5328B!  You’ll recognize X5328B from his appearances in the Enchanted Dagger, of course.  He quickly became one of my favorites, mostly because of his snappy moniker.  Would there have been a C-3p0 or R2D2 without the X5328Bs of yesteryear to pave the way?  The original X5328B appeared in Dell’s, War Comics #1 and was a villain in the original story.  He had a vaguely Asian appearance when in human disguise, in keeping with the sentiments of the time, perhaps…although it may have just been the way the artist drew faces…hard to tell.  While roaming the countryside at the direction of mastermind Mr. Sikander (depicted very differently in the original material than in EDag) he is confronted by three preppy college boy types, Bert, Bill and, uh….well….third guy didn’t get a name, I guess.  The  story ended abruptly without much being resolved, presumably there would have been more.  But, like many comic stories from the Golden Age, there wasn’t….