I’ve done a little bit of reading on Lin Streeter, the artist of the Kathar comics (as far as I can tell) and its author Harry Shorten.  I’ll do some bio stuff on them sooner or later..we got 40 weeks to go here!  I’ll also do a bit about the tarzan influence on comics of the era.  I’ve been working on the next chapter of the story and it is going slow!  I was definitely trying to remember the plot of this whole Golden Age Redux story line the other day when i sat down to start page 7.   Ugg, is it worth the energy?  Probably not but it is low impact.  Writing on EDag 7 has stalled a bit, so I’ll just keep limping along.

This page features Kalthar’s special call “Kai-aaaa, Kai-aaaa, Kai-aaaa. Piiiiiiiii!”  Awesome stuff!