Some good progress heading into the last few pages of Robert Pious drawn Kalthar.  I think.  I remember that there is at least one episode, maybe two, drawn by Irv Norvick who I’ll do a write up on.  That means we’re almost done with Kalthar Redux!  Luckily things are moving along with production of Issue 7.   We had such a nice spring here that work season slowed up early which has given me time during the day to make some nice thumbnails, not only of the last 8 pages of issue 7 but also part 2 of Meet the Purple Hairy Man.  I very pleased with how they’re each developing.  PHM came in at a health 20 pages… I’m waiting for inspiration to hit for one more short story to bring the total to 48 pages, the first story being 16 pages.  should be on track to get the last pages of #7 drawn up by labor day.   I’ve cut back work hours to 3 days a week so I’ll have 4 days a week to draw.  should be enough!