A new Kalthar page for your perusal.  i never get much done in the springtime but I did make a couple of little side projects in April and May.  Its much easier to get into a fun one-off during job season than the skulldrudgery of comic book page creation I’m going to get started on page 34 of Kalthar today to get another one up in the near future, but next week I’m going to shift gears to getting issue 5 (and the full issue 6) to the printer in the next month.  Its going to feel great to have new test prints in hand.   That will leave issue 4, which is still vexing me.  I have still not resorted to an AI cheat!

I took a look at what I had gotten done on issue 7 over the winter and was encouraged by the progress.  Not bad!  In July, I’ve arranged to cut back some hours at job to have more time to artwork.  The goal for July/August is to draw up the last 8 pages of #7.  That’s 1 measly page a week so I should be able to get thru it.  job is less fatiguing in the fall, so hopefully I can get thru the Inks and color separations of those new pages before thanksgiving.  Then, I’ll hopefully be able to get it more or less ready to start posting here by the end of January.  I still have about 15 pages of Kalthar to work thru, too…we can’t forget about Kalthar (or fixing up all of the lettering, an especially tedious task).

But!  my incentive for getting thru all of this material by February is so I can get back to work on the second story of Meet the Purple Hairy Man .  It’s the second 16 page story… I have a vague notion of trying to get that comic finished up to put out there around the same time I wrap up production on the Enchanted Dagger… in the next few years.  Additionally, I have two more projects stuck in development hell as well… could I possibly have the wherewithal to push out (crowdfund) four different projects at once? (not to mention Kalthar)  Uh…I’d say I have my doubts, haha….. time will tell!)