Page six of our Golden Age flashback.  I think I’d gotten the hang of my touch ups at this point and I was keeping more of the original color scheme, saturating it a bit to make it less glaring.  Not to toot my own horn but I think my sprucing really pulls it all together into a somewhat appreciable piece of comic art.  There are some snappy rejoinders on this page, but I especially want to draw attention to Roger’s head on the bottom middle panel.  It seems to me that this drawing is distinctly different from Tuska’s other drawings, suggesting to me that he may have copied it from one of his buddies in the Chesler bullpen.  Or maybe one of the guys said, “hey George, I like what yer doin’!  Let me draw some of it.”  Or maybe George said, “I’ve already drawn 4 episodes of this turkey and I’ve had belly full of it!  Someone else draw this face, I got nuthin’ left!”

Now, that I can relate to!

Well, not entirely.  Art making for issue 5 continues.  I’ve got 20 other ideas floating around in my head, one or two of which I’m excited about getting to, but my determination to finish EDag is undeterred.  mostly…

Like that sort of thing!