And were back!  Sorry about that long delay.  The coloring on the next few pages is finished so there shouldn’t be too many more delays.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get through the next 8 pages in time to post them without any difficulties.  And then we’ll be on to Issue 7!  And 8 and 9.  A ways to go yet but certainly an indication that this story will be finished!  I’m very tempted to shelve part 3 of The Enchanted Dagger and get right to work on the new project, but I generally keep those urges compartmentalized.  I have been doing a bit of outlining and writing for the new project, so I’ll be able to dive right in once EDag is done.  Once issue 6 is done, we’ll have an interregnum period where I post some more Golden Age Redux comics every week.   Edag will be on hold but I will continue to post.  This will last for about a year, during which I hope to get a whole bunch of 7,8 & 9 worked out.  I might even test the crowdfund waters with my Comic Redux contribution to comics history/salvage job.  I’m also going to try to practice up on some “post Adobe Illustrator” art work.  As I’ve mentioned 100 times, I really need to change that up.  But it’ll do for now.

Speaking of which…lot of maroon on today’s page, but it will suffice.

I’m thinking of moving all of my Magic Bullet pages into its own chapter, after issue 6.  I don’t like how they break up the flow.