You’ll notice there haven’t been very many lady-folk in this issue so far, in keeping with the bygone ways and means of politics in the past, one exception being Fitzmillighams domestic servant from page 1 and referenced on this page.  It’s a very obscure reference to an unsolved murder from long ago of a domestic servant named Hazel Irene Drew who turned up dead on the shore of Sand Lake in the eponymous suburb of Albany NY, where my parents and grandparents hailed from.  This unsolved murder was also a story told by his grandmother to Mark Frost, co-producer of Twin Peaks (one of the true great TV shows) and served as the inspiration for the sad murder mystery of Laura Palmer.  It’s irrelevant to our story, but I liked the suggestion that Fitzy’s story would be taking a dark turn.

I feel like the art work has been tightening up as of late.  I’m back to fussing over the Issue 3 touch ups to get it ready to print up some copies.  The difference between then and now is significant…to my eyes at least!