Another new page, promptly uploaded!  And, of course, not without a fair amount of criticism from the editor.  If you’ll recall, I decided at some point to stick our original 7 page 1940s EDag story in the middle of this issue instead of the end, upside being that I could use the interior back cover to add a little bit more story…maybe the back cover, too.  The info relayed on that cover art was originally going to find its way onto this page….instead I get to feature a few more reference shots of Ohio’s prehistoric Serpent Mound, created hundreds, maybe thousands, of years ago by Indigenous Americans.  The Loops of the snake correspond with different equinoxes, suggesting that it was used as a ritual calendar.  For the sake of our story, it’s just a cool place whose significance will be revealed very soon.  Did it need a whole page?  Maybe not…but I think of it as the calm before the storm.  There isn’t much fat on the EDag…not too many panel without dialogue in service to our story…so having a relatively empty page before our climactic conflict is set in motion is just fine.  I also like the appearance of the serpent at this point, a lite-motif of the comic book.

You know what else?  This is the last page of Issue 6!  I can hardly believe that I’ve taken this thing so far!  Honestly, I’ve thought about quitting and moving on to something else from day one…but now that I’m into act three…well, I’m just going to have to finish it aren’t I?  Despite my many doubts, I still enjoy working on it…so it must have some merit.  I’ll tell about my plan for moving forward next week.

All in all, I think Issue 6 has been the most solid offering in the series so far, art wise.  Hopefully today’s page will hold up, too…I think it will win the award for “bluest page.”

Thanks again for reading!