New pages continue to trickle in, limping to the finish line of Issue 6…sorry for the delays!  I have inexplicably been getting more hours at the job-e-job, which is a good thing, I guess, but which is leaving me with only two full free days to work on the art.  I am much more productive when I can give it my full attention for extended stretches, naturally.

I think the election drama of the last couple months has also made it that much harder to concentrate…I’m sure you can relate!  thank goodness that appears to be over with!  Has Joe Biden conceded yet?  Just kidding!

I have had good luck with the past few posts in that they seem to hold up to my liking once I get them up on-line…hopefully this one will, too.  I never quite got a handle on the bottom panel, particularly the background accoutrements of Ah-Ku’s chamber room.  But you get the idea.  I might have put the Mandarins head in panel 4 into a smaller inset panel and expanded panel 5 to the entire bottom half of the page.  Maybe in the re-shoots (of which there are mercifully few in this issue so far).  You knew  that Ah-Ku was running the show, right?  Just like her Golden Age predecessor.  The Mandarin was actually called the “Black Mandarin” back in the day.  I wish I had remembered that when I started writing…distinguishing him from other comic book Mandarins…

I’m also putting some time into the “Meet the Purple Hairy Man”, short stories… though short story number one has already grown to 16 pages!   This is how things always go for me, I just can’t help it!

Thanks for reading!