Our big reveal for Issue #7 … It’s the return of Kalthar, Giant-Man King of the Jungle!  And since we’re revealing that it makes sense to announce that next week will being our Golden Age Redux run of the original Kalthar, Giant- Man King of the Jungle tales from 1940-something’s Zip Comics!

That’s Right!  It’s Kalthar!

Kalthar had a pretty good run in Zip comics, as the original Golden Age properties went.  He appeared in 9 issues of Zip, giving him a solid 4o plus pages of story.  Most of the original stories seem to of been of a little bit higher quality that the EDag’s appearances in Yankee, at least when it came to the printing, but there is still a lot to clean up.  I’m sure it will look nice.

For those of you who were hoping for Yankee Boy…well, what can I tell you.  I considered doing Purple Tigress, but like many of these old characters that I use, she only appeared in one issue of All Good Comics and then faded into oblivion.  Her story is a funny one, so I may toss her in the mix at some point.

So we’re on this track for a while, but I will continue to post updates about our other projects, intermittently.   One thing I’m going to do first is collect all of the Magic Bullet posts that are sprinkled throughout our site and collect them in their own chapter.  It really bugs me when they pop up and interrupt our story.  I’ll do that this week and then it’s on to Kalthar.

Oh!  I also managed to get my special edition of Issue 6 off to the printers.   Now, I think I’ll start preparing issue 4 to print out.  Heck why not issue 5, too!