After taking a month off from working on The Enchanted Dagger to refresh the old batteries and chip away at some other projects, I jumped back into work on Issue 4, which is about a third of the way finished, and I’m pleased to report that progress is steady!  I’m still punishing myself with Illustrator 10, but all the practice is resulting in sharper and sharper pages.  I’m sure I could cover the same territory with less time and effort if I switched to full time Photoshop but I like the idea of maintaining a consistent look throughout the book.  So the struggle continues, but on the bright side, as of this writing we still have months worth of material to enjoy!

We finally meet here the oft mention “Gimp” McManus, Great City’s over the hill, number 1 crime boss.  Beset by enemies on all sides, including Roger and underworld rival, The Druid, the Gimp has had a long time alliance with the corrupt political forces of Great City…one that now hangs precariously due to the mounting political pressures and quickening gang war.  And things are about to get worse!   I’d be kiddin’ ya if I didn’t confess that there is a little bit of crime boss Leo O’Bannon from the great Coen Brothers movie Miller’s Crossing in the Gimp.  I had meant to draw him with even less hair, but his Albert Finny-ness just wanted to come out!