The actual lyric is “…but you wuz born to die..”  I should fix that.  I was too tired from my seasonal laboriousness to add my photoshop “ink” touch-ups, so here’s a look at at page in it’s raw state..just about 100% illustrator.  Lets see how it sits once it’s up on the old tablet…I might sharpen it a bit… definitely before any printing.

Having looked at it now since writing the above I think it holds up okay but I can tell the difference.  That little bit of pixel black really holds the color together.  I’m amazed by those manga artists who can get away with using almost no line work.  Especially the hentai stuff, for some reason.

This issue of the Edag was more “racy” than “lurid”, pun intended.  No stupid comic book is going solve our nation’s race problems, but I hope the theme reads true that tackling great and adventurous causes together as a United people will gradually sound out the simpletons who feel the need to qualify everything in racial terms.

I’m glad that meathead footballers take a knee to protest meathead cops, who in all likelihood spent their bull harness formative years knocking heads on their high school’s defensive line.  If these millionaire ballers would get together and start a Political Action Committee aimed at funding local black law makers to supervise the local policing and justice procedures in places like Ferguson, Missouri, we’d be able to chip away at the rate of the incidences of racial battery that  pollute our body politic.

Finally, on a lighter note, I hope that our buddies the Golliwogs didn’t provoke your ire too much.  Deranged Muppets  though they were, I must confess they were pretty fun to draw and I tried to give them a good humor.  Maybe this humble comic book has set them down the long road to cultural redemption.