After a pretty good run of solid pages, over reliance on Logan’s Run notwithstanding, I seem to have hit a wall here with panel #4 which is pretty out of control.  I recall being at cross purposes as to whether I should zoom in and get a clear view of the execution or if i wanted to show off the temple.  In the end I went large, but never really got into the detailing, which it needed before my pixies showed up.  So this one may be up for a revision.  These pages were made in summer 2016.

In some parallel universe, similar to ours in many ways in as much as it has clearly veered into the range of one of the less desirable potentialities, the scions of mesoamerica still use human sacrifice to address the concerns of the state.  They pick the best boy, American Idol style, fatten him up for a year, have him sing, the finest girls love him, and then the president and his priests cut his heart out and flay him!  They wear him like a suit!